So this is my first blog post.  Not as exciting as I would have hoped, but I suppose that will come in time.  What should you expect?  My main focus will be on food and drink, which is my profession and I guess my expertise.  I've done my share of field research, that's for sure.  I hope to talk about places that I've eaten and the experiences that unfold.  I don't want to post reviews or be a critic.  I just want to share with my friends and family and whoever else stumbles across this website.  I'll do my best to keep it positive. 

I also enjoy growing food, so some posts will be about gardening as well.  I think more people should give it a shot.  I think all humanity will benefit by getting back to the basics and phasing out factory farming, or at least decreasing it somewhat.  Along the food lines, gmo's is a hot topic around my dinner table so you can guarantee that will take up some pages.  I'll touch on that in a bit.

Wood working also keeps me busy so I will probably post some of my crude projects on here.    Nothing major, just a table here and a bench there, etc...

I may even delve into topics like politics, the environment, climate change, the universe but hopefully in a responsible manner.  Basically whatever is on my mind is fair game.

I think everyone at some point wonders what mark will they leave on this weird planet of ours so I guess this is part of mine.  Feel free to leave comments, that's the fun part, right?