4.22.2014 everybody knows today is earth day

What to do, what to do.  Our planet is in serious trouble.  Climate change is real.  The sea levels are rising and I'm worried.  I was watching an episode of Vice recently and they were investigating the rapid melting of the ice in Greenland.  The scientist stated that when it all melts, it will cause the oceans to rise by over 20 feet!  And yes, he said when.  There is no stopping this from happening.  It's only a matter of time.  It may be 25, 50 or 100 years, but it will all eventually melt.  That's pretty heavy stuff.

We can all do little things to help slow this trend.  Eating food that we grow ourselves and from local farms is a good place to start.  Today I sowed the seeds that will become my vegetable garden.  Add to that sourcing eggs and chicken from the farm that is on my way to work and that cuts down on co2 emissions caused by delivery trucks coming from California, Florida or Mexico.  Well, what if 50% of the population did that?  That would add up fast.  And what a way to create a sence of community, by starting a garden or crop exchange and host meet and greets to share in each other's bounty.  

Today I also made the switch to renewable energy.  I was able to choose to receive my electrical service from 100% wind power.  With what I know, and that option, how could I not?  It's just one of the many small gestures that we can all make in order to make a difference.  

It's Earth's day after all.  Get out there and get in it!  We are so lucky to have all of the key elements for life and evolution.  Although celebrating this beautiful gift on one day is not enough.  


freshly planted seedlings