5.5.2014 another false holiday

Cinco de Mayo.  The fifth of May.  Leave it to Americans to take an international holiday, totally misrepresent it, and make it our own.  It must be the capitalism or the fact that we don't take as much holiday (vacation) as some other industrialized countries.  But we have a knack for finding an excuse to let loose and sell more product (mainly alcohol)  and call it a holiday.

Although Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday in Mexico, it's a very localized one.  The day celebrates The Battle of Puebla so most of the large fiestas and parades are held in the city and state of Puebla.   Many of the people that I know that are from Mexico don't even give it any thought.  When I first heard about that, I was a little surprised given the fact that the day is widely known in America.  But after some thought and some research, I realized that it was just another bastardized holiday.  Many Americans believe that it is Mexican Independence Day but that's actually September 16.

I don't know how this happens.  Do people sit around a table and just decide to promote this day and that?  Is it the alcohol industry?  Because like St. Patricks day, cinco de mayo has become an excuse to exploit and binge drink.  

 I'm all for a celebration but if we are borrowing from another culture shouldn't we get it right?