6.4.2014 brody can you hear me?

Homeland is one of the most thought provoking television shows that I can think of, if not the most thought provoking.  The recent news of the captured American soldier being returned home after five years captivity instantly made me think of the show's now deceased character, Brody.  Now I know that this is incredibly far fetched, but that's how good the show is.

I have no idea of the trauma war can inflict on a person, physically or psychologically.  I can not assume anything about why Sgt. Bergdahl abandoned his post.  But that doesn't stop the media or members of congress from suggesting all sorts of scenarios.  There are thousands of young soldiers suffering from PTSD after returning home, what makes us think that it couldn't or doesn't start while still on an active assignment? 

I know this may sound crazy, but how about we wait until this young man has seen a doctor, been given a hot meal, seen his family and has been debriefed by his superiors before we jump to conclusions about how or what happened.  This may put a damper on Fox New's scheduling, but it would be the smart and responsible way to approach this situation. 

That's another thing.  His family.  I couldn't imagine what the last five years have been like for the Bergdahl's.  Before they could put their arms around their son, they have to listen to hack journalists defecate on his character and ridicule Mr. Bergdahl's facial hair.  Give me a break. 

But, who knows...maybe the Taliban watch Homeland and have a wild trick up their sleeve.